Why is it worth showing “bad” pictures?

Oct 09, 2018

When you go beyond the usual themes or style, you feel very uncomfortable. However, this should not be a stop-sign for creativity. And that’s why.


Yes, I feel insecure, looking at the last picture. Yes, I went deep into drawing waterfalls and streams, where there is texture – stones. But the desire to experiment does not leave me, because I am looking for new references and perspectives to try new styles and techniques.


The desire to improve oneself is always confronted with internal barriers and fears of being misunderstood. That is why it is important to show what you are trying.


This is a struggle with constraint, an opportunity to hear both criticism and positive feedback. After all, what seems to be unprepared for you is perceived by many people as quite appropriate and cute art. This is often noticed by familiar artists.


When you are an amateur, you expect a strike that you will be “rejected.” But, fortunately, people are much more supportive and ready to cheer. Namely, such support well strengthens the desire to discover new aspects of creativity.


In addition, it is worth remembering that we are always the biggest critics and the fight against imperfection basically occurs in our head, and not in reality.

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