Where is your personal power hiding?

Feb 12, 2020

Guys, today, on my birthday, I want to tell you important words. Your personal power is hidden in the Word.


Thoughts become material. And it is true. As well as the ability to fulfill dreams, which also belongs to you! Only you can change your life. Affirmations, good wishes for yourself – these are all working practices. Therefore, an adequate assessment of your successes and faith in yourself, without any belittling of achievements, is very important!


I’ll give an example of how words affect real life. Recently, I cut myself, grabbed about 5 mm of skin on a finger with a grater. When the wound is washed, I focus on the image of how the wound is stitched, whispering a poem on the stopping of blood. I tried different texts, but my synchronization happened with only one. But as my favorite writer, Alexander Prozorov, said, it doesn’t matter at all what formula of words you will wrap your image in. And the more you visualize and believe, the more likely it will turn out. While reading the plot, I feel like an electric tingling appears in the wound site. Blood is baked in two or three minutes, faster than if I kept it under water for a long time, constantly washing it off.


Of course, faith is a difficult measure. But now, knowing that “miracles” exist, think about what will happen to your life, if you reproach yourself, call yourself unworthy – you will come across the bad side everywhere.

I know that believing in yourself is sometimes very difficult to give up torment itself and come to good thoughts about your life. But you try, and you will see that opportunities are opening up for you. Because everyone is a magician for himself.


Write dreams and plans, and then, freeing the mind, your energy gets freedom and begins to attract good changes. Visualization is actually a prayer when you bind your inner dialogue into concrete images.


So that I can tell myself and you. No matter what difficulties happen to you, believe in yourself! Your words and images aimed at supporting yourself, this force that will help you achieve everything and realize any dreams!




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