Use personal stories to return creative enthusiasm

May 17, 2017

Yesterday I came up with one recipe, how you can return yourself a good mood for work, when you feel dissatisfaction.


A person who is still looking for his style and the right direction in life and creativity, often there are periods of despondency, because you still do not understand what creative product you want to get in the end. In this case it is important to try translate your emotions in a positive channel, remembering what gives you inspiration and strength. I had an idea – you can remember the stories from your life.


You should write such stories in a diary or blog, because when it will be necessary, you could read your record and feel better.


I studied dancing all my childhood. Once, we went to another city, where in the daytime we had to take dance master classes. I was very nervous: an unfamiliar situation, strangers, a teacher, incomprehensible movements. I felt stupid, nervous and went out of the dance hall. I stood in the corridor, angry with myself, and I was hurt to tears. But, in a few minutes, I gathered my heart and returned to try learning the dance combinations further.


This case does not mean that I was able to cope with complex movements, asking advice from girls who had better remembered it. No, I could not calm emotions to the end, but I directed the anger in the right direction – I showed perseverance and added strength to achieve results.




Even when some creative part of the task does not work, and you are caught by strong emotions, you still should not give up your business. You must wait, calm down, gather the will into a fist and continue to work. You will have to leave the comfort zone for this, but it’s worth it. Only then you will achieve high results when you can translate emotional energy into fuel for your creative engine.


If you write down such stories from life and more often fix your attention on your strengths, you can more easily return to the right wave for work and creativity.

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