The world of the “chocolate mistresses” Laura Florand

Jan 24, 2017

Books are a world of real, living adventures, immersion in the secluded monasteries of the heroes’ hearts, this is the reconstruction of our inner impulses and desires. Neither cinema nor theatrical performance produces such an echo in you, as the book does. I want to do a little review of an amazing series of works by Laura Florand.


The first book I got in my hands was “The Chocolate Rose”. Clinging to the humorous syllable, igniting the plot, giving pleasure just like savoring a delicate dessert or fruit, I could not stop and continued to read the series. Today I finish reading “Chocolate Kiss”, which produced the most vivid impression.


Why Lora’s books so exciting?


Firstly, the author is definitely wandering about in a high-end kitchen, whether it’s a confectionery or an exquisite restaurant. Through books you join in the amazing and magical world of cooking, you feel how imagination brings you pictures of these desserts, the smell of spices, the heat of plates, you feel the frenzied energy coming from cooks conjuring over masterpieces.


In this series of books you have time to visit different parts of France: you are thrown into the heart, Paris, offering to settle on its ancient streets, then transfers to the azure coast, where there is a fragrance of flowers and light salinity of sea waves.


But the most important thing that Laura Florand’s books hit in the heart is her ability to transmit languor, the growing interest of two people to each other, the struggle for primacy between strong personalities. And there is also an irresistible desire to try good chocolate, because almost in the entire series it is the chocolate that binds the components – the thread that attracts and connects the male and female heart.


Under the impression of the series I wanted to draw something with ganash (a viscous cream made from chocolate, cream and butter).


Finally, I would like to wish you to “taste” the delightful books of Laura Florand to appreciate the fascinating story, which finds a resonance in the soul and causes a smile.

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