The principles of minimalism and weight loss

Dec 11, 2016

Time flies when you get into the whirl of everyday affairs. Therefore, sometimes we need to stop and analyze what we have learned. Today I want to talk about the knowledge that I learned from blogs and books about minimalism.


I planned to make one article, but suddenly the text has grown. I decided to single out a separate topic and talk today about minimalism and weight loss.


In contrast to the promises of rapid weight loss, which marketers are attacking us, the ideas of minimalism can really help to get in shape. Last month I read Matt Madeiro’s book “Simpler,” which brought important things to me. I heard them before, but did not realize them.


To maintain a shape in good shape, you need to be “simpler”. We need a simple but harmonious diet, consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits, protein foods. Weight loss does not depend on whether you play sports (although it is useful), but on your daily diet. Eat as much as your body needs. You may need to re-learn to feel the moment of saturation, and not overeat on the principle, “to keep the plate clean.” Choose simple products, with minimal processing and additions.


Speaking of physical activity, it is also not necessary to drive yourself to the gym. Working with your own weight, a minimal set of simple exercises (squats, pushups, pull-ups) will help maintain health and form a beautiful figure. This author demonstrates a personal example.


Of course, it will take much more time to get in shape (sometimes, a year or more), but the result will be noticeable in a few months and it will be long-term.


Everything sounds really simple. But it is these explanations of the author showed how Matt is right. Earlier, I neglected the fact that I need to give up carbohydrates in order to maintain the “refinement” of the shape. On diets, when you limit yourself to time from these products, you will not notice any special results, because the body does not have time to cleanse. But as soon as you take this rule into habit, you begin to notice the results.


It was worth reducing the consumption of sweet, for a couple of weeks I noticed how the body was tightened. I didn’t even train very much, only did exercises for the back and stretching. In fact, you eat as usual, but “easier”, avoiding unnecessary products, and lose weight. And even if you ate one day, it is worth limiting the amount of food eaten the next day – to arrange a “fasting” (fasting day), then you will not gain weight.


With the book “Simpler” it becomes clear that it is important to change not the diet, but the way of life and thinking. Choosing healthy foods is the whole secret.

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