The amount of observations about minimalism

Dec 20, 2016

Once I wrote about how I feel about minimalism, but again I return to this topic, because from hour to hour it is necessary to bring my own knowledge to a single system.


Last time, I began my story by mentioning the book “Simpler” by Matt Madeiro and how simplification helps in the process of getting in shape. But books on the simplicity of life also help to remind oneself to listen more to their nature.


For example, minimalism reminds you that many health problems will go away, you just need to help the body a little, for which you do not need to resort to medications. Say, a cough should not be filled with syrups, which are designed to quickly remove sputum. To relieve a cough, it is enough to drink more warm liquid. But on the topic of health, I was more excited by the message saying that people are doing the wrong thing when they close their homes during the illness – even the sick patient needs a few minutes spent outdoors in order to receive external exposure from other microbes and develop (strengthen) immunity, thereby accelerating recovery.


Minimalism tells that high-quality self-care does not require complicated preparations and expenses:


  • A blend of natural oils will replace the most advertised face and body creams;
  • The most gentle makeup removal will give you a small lump of coconut oil;
  • To smooth the skin, it is enough to wipe the face with a “tonic” of rice or oat milk;
  • Shiny hair with a light aroma is obtained after washing with herbal decoctions.


Minimalism directs to the search and use of simple helpers. For example, you can make home cleaning easier and more natural if you use soda and vinegar – these are universal tools that help to wash almost any surface. I especially like the way to clean the sink without my own participation – just pour soda on a sponge, wipe the surface and leave for a few minutes.


Interacting with sources and people trying to bring to life the idea of ​​“simple living”, you begin to think about your influence as a living life. After all, I and you produce very little useful for nature, although we take a lot from it. This is not an equivalent exchange, and if possible, you should try to make the presence on Earth less painful for it. And for this, you can start minimizing your own garbage.


Clothing or household items perform a certain function – they help us with household chores or protect us from the environment. And after things have worked well, they deserve the right to rest. And when you put things in their place, in your own way you thank them for the service.


Despite the interest in minimalism, I have not yet learned to reduce my thoughts to a more concise form. But I try to practice this. Photography from a hobby for macro photography, as confirmation that beauty can be found in ordinary things.


Share your knowledge in the subject of minimalism, simplification, harmony with yourself, I will be glad to learn something new.

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