Spring update

Apr 14, 2018

Spring. I try to catch her with all my sensory organs: I enjoy the sun, I try to understand what the air smells like. There is mixing of water smell, as at a stream, freshness blowing from the grass and flower sweetnss. This is wonderful time when you feel union with world around.


I think to change the format of the blog, make it easier, so that there are not only useful articles for others, but also a place for myself. I want to create the rubric One day of the artist. The rubric will be more about personal, finds, doubts, joys. Who will read this? I do not know. I need this more than myself. After all, spring energy is prompting all new ideas.


Last few days I could not finish ordered picture. But then I decided that it’s time to give an order and that is why I had to sit and draw the painting to end. I gave myself the task of not giving up, and the process went smoothly.


Do not focus on inaccuracies. It is more productive not to freeze over one piece of work, but to move behind the whole canvas, gradually filling all areas, and not start to work out only the main object.

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