She held a piece of star in her hands. Story

Sep 10, 2019

She held a piece of star in her hands. Once, she received it as a gift along with the words “you will become great …” an artist, cook, doctor, dancer … who exactly she did not know then. But she carefully took care of her half.


When she went for a walk, she asked passers-by what kind of gift she had? She asked the bugs in the grass if they had seen the second half of the star. She climbed a tree, checking the nests of birds. She greeted the bees, who flew with full buckets of honey, if they had heard of a star that had lost its half. But no one could help her.


One day, walking near a stream, she looked at her reflection in the water and was surprised. In the pocket of her jacket at chest level, a reflection of the lost part was visible. But in reality, the pocket was empty. She took a second piece from her bag and brought it to her heart. The star in reflection shone brighter.


Then she asked the floating fish if they see the glow of a star. They said yes. But how can this be, the girl said, I hold one piece, but I can not find the second anywhere. So you need to look inside, answered the fish. It is impossible to hide the truth from water, it sees everything, penetrates everywhere, it creates life. And if you see your second part of the star in your heart, then you alone can reveal your gift if you hear your inner light and let it spill into reality.


I think I was so inspired by the results of the writting marathon, when we wrote the texts with @mariam.golovnia, that I decided to continue to work with the ideas that she shared. You can read the past story here. Share your impressions in the comments. How quickly did you come to the conclusion of your talent, vocation?

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