Rules of life

Jul 28, 2019

The writing marathon on Instagram continues, in which I participate. It excites the imagination as bubbles of champagne tickle your nose. And last time I shared the whole story Evening Guest, today the topic is important, speaking about the personal rules, thanks to which we are exactly the people who we are. The topic makes you wonder what really leads you through life and supports. I shared my own rules below, and you can write your own in the comments.


  1. Find your unique perfume fragrance that describes you. For example, I have a favorite perfume – this is Deep Red from Hugo. Playful, soft, but at the same time strong, adventurous, memorable.
  2. Remember who you are. And if it seems that you will achieve success by imitating others, this is a false path. Only personal uniqueness will show the right path.
  3. Better to try than to regret not done.
  4. You are a practical cloud, because in you there is both air and most of the water. Drink water! Lot! Do not expect feelings of thirst.
  5. In the creative work, it is better to do something first, and therefore already turn on your head. Our excessive “rationality” often makes it difficult to experiment.
  6. Even when you’re scared, take a step forward. This is the only way we grow as individuals.
  7. Try it! Many times. Talent is a rare phenomenon, but inspiration and strength are born in work.


It turned out a good number, seven rules. I will be glad to know your thoughts, and, of course, follow other stories from the marathon on Instagram

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