Review of the book “The Amen Solution: The Brain Healthy Way to Get Thinner, Smarter, Happier”

Jul 08, 2017

People say that if you want to lose weight, you need not sit on diets, but you should change your lifestyle. I want to tell you about the book that helped me to reconsider the views on nutrition. There is book by Daniel D. Amen “The Amen Solution: The Brain Healthy Way to Get Thinner, Smarter, Happier”.


After reading, I can make such a brief summary:”This book allowed look at the problem of overeating and helped me begin to change my lifestyle towards health”. I hope you are intrigued?


Who should read the book?


  • If you are overweight or have problems with how to reset it;
  • If you are not helped by reminders, “Do not eat sweet” (harmful), but you still make impulsive raids in the kitchen for biscuits;
  • If you want to live in harmony with the body and the brain, feeling what exactly you need to eat, and when you are already full and should stop eating;
  • If you want to know about the causes of overeating, where do appear your desire to “eat a piece” and what biological factors support bad habits;
  • If you want to be healthier, smarter and happier, and live many many years.


What did this book tell me?


  • Made me think about the reasons why I eat a lot of extra food;
  • Allowed to see that if you overeat, then not only spoil your appearance and self-esteem, but also harm the brain;
  • Has shown, that dependence on sweet is much worse, than from cocaine. Sugar stimulates pleasure centers, and we, like Pavlov’s dogs, ate a sweetie, immediately received a surge of joy hormone and felt good. Therefore, the attachment to sweet (salty) is so difficult to overcome;
  • I wanted to control my desires so that I consciously chose what I would put in myself, giving preference to nutritious foods, not just sweets;
  • It made it clear that often the desire to eat harmful food (cookies, sweets) is born from the lack of alternatives. When the house has fresh fruit (my favorite is apples), nuts, dairy products, it is easier to control the quantity and quality of the eaten foods;
  • This helped to see the real effect of prolonged failure (reducing the amount) of sweet;
  • Has explained, than “liquid” sugar (the sweet aerated water and the packaged juices) is dangerous to an organism;
  • I understood that if I did not purposefully choose food useful to the brain, then I would not only have excess weight, complexes, but also reduced brain activity, poor sleep, an eroded appetite, which in future leads to diabetes and heart disease;
  • From the book I learned that fat in the abdomen is the worst place for accumulation for both men and women, because of it in the body produces bad hormones, worsen cognitive functions, the sexual and other systems, and increases the risk of developing Diabetes and hypertension;
  • She showed that diets are ineffective, because they need to be selected, based on the characteristics and needs of your brain. Our head – main assistant on the road to a healthy life.


Thus, by reading this book, you understand that our body does not have a commitment to fullness.But our bad habits – eating, when not hungry, or choose the wrong food, leads the body into a state of attachment based on mental dependence and a sense of comfort.


Therefore, we must not forget that we can be healthy for many years if we supply the body with quality “fuel”, and not pacifiers, what are fast carbohydrates.


Today I stopped focusing on the points that became a significant discovery for me during the reading. And tomorrow I will tell you about how my life changed after I started to follow the recommendations given in the book.

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