Remember who you are

May 02, 2017

I would advise you to say yourself this phrase time to time. Because an inspiration cans to easy catch you, when you are watching a work other people, and then you will start copying them.


For a long time I denied my “essence”, and I tried to use pastel colors in painting. It is easy because, when you go swimming in the pinterest, you can not look away from the soft and gentle artist colors. And I was dissatisfied when a bright colors turned out in my picture, but I wanted other thing. Although, when I watched my paintings gallery, I noted the vivid and expressive pictures as my favorite.


But I forgot about it and continued to try making my colours more soft and light. As result, I had got a work that could be better, if I did not try to do like other people. As the paint dries up, it becomes not so bright, pastel tones is disappeared, and everything gets gray shades. And this is absolutely not what I wanted.


That is why I would advise you are not doing this mistake. Do not give in to the moment when your inner pendulum is not stable and tries to lead you out of the right path.


You should choose your favorite works, hang on the wall near your work place, or keep before your eyes, when you are going to paint. So you will be able to resist to copy other’s work, because you make the best choice, how to draw, if you will be listening your heart and remembering about the paintings full of beauty, that reflect your self.


This work is a confirmation of how it is simple to be tempted and try to do, like other artists. I was painting the sky after I watch a video by Scott Naismith artist. The picture turned out wonderful but there was no balance between heaven and earth. It has too much accent on the art.

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