Picture: Memories of summer

Sep 18, 2017

I, as a person who grew up in a small settlement in the forest, feel the need for interaction with nature. Maybe it is the reason why I like landscape paintings so much, because you can create own world, filled with dense forests or shining meadows with a scattering of flowers.


If you are closer to nature, you are easier to treat the stress of modern life. You feel how you are filled with lightness and light, when you are walking in the middle of park with its shady alleys and sun rays, playing on the high crowns of trees.


When you are in the field, you are fascinated by joy and pacification, because when you look at how the ears and grasses are connected in the distance with a clear blue sky, you feel just ecstasy.


So I unite these two feelings together – memories of the house and a sense of harmony. And then the picture reflects the summer freshness, the smell of warm air and the slight chill that comes from the forest shade.


This picture I created for my friend – Arleen, who lives in the US. I hope it will give a piece of warmth and sincerity from Ukraine and make our countries closer.

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