Picture: Home is where our story begins

Sep 27, 2019

“Draw me this house”, you know, for me it was the most amazing offer from the customer. When he praised my style for the first time and we talked about how I could draw a plot from his photo, I thought that he would send some kind of landscape. And yes, he sent. But the landscape is where the main part of the photograph is occupied by a house. Just a house with trees in the background. The customer was satisfied with the composition, he wanted a big picture with a palette knife with my color vision.


It was so hard for me to imagine how to create an interesting story when you have a linear composition. Earlier, I tried to use a cross or S-shaped composition and think about the rules of three quarters. This was not my first drawing of houses. But I previously made a house on a hill, in the distance among the forest, near the sea. But now I was required to directly challenge myself: to seek beauty in simplicity. Minimalism in life is close to me, but in creativity it is always a riot of color. And now he should have pacified his doubts and started.


And what’s important, at the very beginning it seemed to me, how can I just draw a house in the middle of the canvas with a small environment of trees, it will be boring. But in the process, I realized that even one subject each person will write individually and this will express his style. In paints, smear, in relation.


The house for each person is individual. I like the small houses of the old English style, as sent by the customer. They express simplicity and at the same time comfort, as if nature hugs you and protects you from bad weather. Thick walls made of natural stone, a reed roof, small windows where the light is on and invites you to go into this cozy house and warm yourself.


I did not even come up with a name for the picture. But I signed it with a quote, like: “Home is where our story begins.” And you will find thousands home with a thousand stories. And let your heart only know what story this house will tell you.


I am grateful to Keith for such an interesting chance, and I hope that this picture will be a memory of those wonderful days that he spent with friends or family in this wonderful house.







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