Paintings: With love

Oct 17, 2019

Four paintings, the same subject, where sea waves slowly roll ashore. Foam whips on the stones hisses. The sun goes beyond the horizon and the fiery flower of the sun spreads its rays around. Light wind blows burning lanterns along the beach. How did they get there, you ask me? This story began with a reddit message. Amy was written to me and asked me to listen to her. She wanted to order paintings, immersing me that day, through words helping to present the images that I was to capture.


For the past seven years, her family and friends have been relaxing together on the North Carolina beach. On this day they did not gather to have fun, they came there to honor the memory of her husband, who passed away of cancer in March this year. For the past seven years, her family and friends have been relaxing together on the North Carolina beach. On this day they did not gather to have fun, they came there to honor the memory of her husband, who died of cancer in March this year. Four families, four rice paper lanterns made by one of his friends. And only they light a fire to put lanterns in the air, everything turns out differently. The wind sets them on fire, they do not take off, but the wind begins to blow them away. A friend tries to catch them. The picture is so strange and crazy that at that sad moment it made everyone smile.


I think it could be a sign that beloved people are always with us, even if physically they are not nearby.

Amy wanted to capture these images in colors as a reminder of the moment of unity, of love, that friends would always turn their shoulders and support in difficult times.


When I started to work, it was a few weeks of searching, analyzing and trying to understand how to make the image that reflects the evening beach. It plunges into twilight, where it is difficult to see clear images, but at the same time I need to preserve my style and not go into complete abstractness.


First, I sorted through dozens of flaming skies, arranged a vote and found the right sunset. Then there was an attempt to understand how the piers are arranged, there are so many interwoven piles, and how to draw it in the distance. I chose the colors for the sand for a long time. In the sunset picture, it was immersed in a purple twilight, but that didn’t suit me. How to show sand when everything is gray? It was a real challenge.


But the most difficult thing is to understand what happens to the paper when the lanterns does not light up, but the fire goes to the paper and begins to quickly eat it. Of course, I could not find any references. I had to restore the image on my own, feeling the form and nature of the fire and its dance on paper.


I loved origami in my childhood and one of the basic forms is a water bomb. It is easy to create, you can even get water there and drop it from the balcony to indulge. But I had to give it fire. Every mini-fire I recorded on my phone. If you lit a sheet of paper, then you know that at first you do not see fire, but a black mark spreads across the sheet, which absorbs matter and leaves only a void. In reality, we see fire in red and orange. But I painted it white, because it is so visible when you shoot a lantern on the camera – the center is all lit up and warm colors spread around its perimeter.


And when I worked on the sky, the pier, even almost finished the lanterns, I had to start all over again. Why? I had only one fiberboard panel of the right size, but I was so busy working that it was not possible to go out and buy the other 3 panels. Therefore, for almost the third week, I gathered them all together and began the transfer of images.

The sky was completely ready, I added some new colors, because the tube of dark blue paint I just finished in the first week and the colors in the other three paintings would not be similar. I completely painted over the sea, so that from scratch I could work simultaneously with four panels, so that every color, every wave lays in the right place.


And the most magical thing is when you spray paint with a brush. It really adds live energy there for the waves.


It was an amazing journey that tells me about the acceptance of grief, about compassion, about the power of art, which helps to express a wide variety of feelings. And I was also surprised at the trust with which a stranger came to me. I don’t know what exactly Amy felt in my paintings, that she chose me for such a task, but I am very grateful to her. I appreciate that she opened to me and helped me to get this unusual experience.

In conclusion, I’ll say that if you would like your story or photo to be painted, please contact us at any time. And by the way, reddit is a really good platform. If you have not tried this social network, you can read my review in the article.





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Nice painting and story