Painting: Sky goats at the top of Fuji

Mar 02, 2020

Friends, today I will share the story that accompanies my picture with the girl. This is a very unusual portrait, I have not tried such a technique before. And I called her name “Heavenly Goats at the top of Fuji” through a story, or a parable, who perceives it like that.


When she went to the village on the hill, she still did not believe that she would be allowed to meet with the monk. The elder lived there for a long time, he saw many people, he lived through many periods. They said that he could get advice.


She went to him, but still could not precisely formulate the words. Thoughts like bees, danced and competed, which of them is more important. Well, I will give the road to the one that comes first at the hour of the meeting, the girl thought.


She was invited to the garden. There were several pilgrims. The elder spoke to each of them separately, moving a little to the side.


“Here, get some tea,” the girl said, and handed her the mug, “it helps to set thoughts for contemplation.” “Thank you.” She took the mug, blew mint and jasmine from her. Inhale, sip, and now warm the body, causing goosebumps.


She thought and did not notice how the monk approached. He was neither young nor old, but how can you recognize the age of the monks? He sat down beside her and in a friendly gesture invited her to start a conversation.


“I would like to ask,” the girl hesitated. “Do not be shy. What is bothering you?” he said encouragingly. “How can I find my idea? How to become a good specialist in my field?” “If you are looking for your calling, then step towards him, do not be afraid.” “In fact, I don’t know what I really want,” the girl said. The old man smiled: “We all went through a period when we are not sure which way to take. But the heart knows for sure,” he said. “And how do I hear him?” the girl asked. After a little silence, the elder continued.


“Do you know about the sky goats on top of Fuji?” “No, I haven’t heard of anything like that.” “But they definitely live there, I’m sure I met one of them,” said the monk.


“When I went on a pilgrimage, that day Fuji was especially foggy. At one point, the clouds parted, and I saw fluffy fur, big kind eyes and small horns. The goat peeked out from behind the clouds, although it was like a cloud. They live in the mountains, they are not afraid of anything, they can climb the farthest peaks, and you should find the same vehicle inside you.


Your dream of calling is like the summit of Fuji. It is often hidden in fog, but it is still the most beautiful place on the planet. Your goal is up there. Feel that you, like those goats without fear, enter the path of knowing yourself, rise to the top, no matter what slopes await you. Yes, you are still not sure which choice is right, how you can build your path, career, life, but keep the image of this little fearless goat that can conquer the most unforgettable peaks. You are your assistant and guide. “

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Chris Riley

Hi there! Chris Riley, from Creative Fire, FB Group. Lovely pictures, and textures you’ve achieved. Love how the goats tie into the story.