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May 25, 2017

Even if you are a beginner artist, painting on the table, one day you will want to show your works to other people to find your own environment of like-minded people. #21daysinmyartworld challenge of my beloved British artist – Tara Leaver, is aimed at bringing people together around one thing – a love of art and creativity, and also share with the world their vision of beauty, dreams and ideas.


Firstly, I doubed could I dive in such monumental project. But then I met with the works of other artists and I felt such excitement that I could not stop and decided to take a part in this challenge. You can read about my last experience of painting with Tara here.


The challenge also has a philosophical basis, since it directs you to look more deeply at inner feelings and analyze your experience. It brings you a huge contribution to personal improvement.


Theme of first day is “Favorite painting”. I want to show you two arts: one of them is my old work, which also became a borderline for the experience of drawing, and secont art is the first in the new cycle, and therefore special.


I drew this landscape when I carried away by the works of Mike Svob to years ago. His energy paintings became the source of inspiration for me, and opened work with clean and dense paints, such as gouache.


There is a new art from the space cycle. I chose a nebulas as a source of working in abstract style, because it is bright, multicolored, changeable, diverse in form and texture – all this aspects I want to add in my painting.


This is my start to the challenge, and I hope for a great productive work. I will remind you that if you write # 21daysinmyartworld hashtag in the instagram, you will find many wonderful works.

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