One day of the artist: what to do when there is free time, but you do not draw?

May 21, 2019

And finally, this is a weekend of which I waited so long, and I lie and do not know what to do. Familiar? Thinking how not to lose time, so that the day off did not pass in vain, I come up with such options:


  1. write down the list of required tasks and start their implementation in the morning
  2. get enough sleep and make one picture (work) from beginning to end
  3. focus on experiments and try different techniques


What would you choose?


I have 3 options yesterday. In the morning I drew a palette knife, then I went over to pastels and then tried the oil. But still there were moments when I realized that I had done little.


How to get rid of feelings of dissatisfaction? The main rule is not to leave all tasks for the weekend. It is better to do a little all week than to tear myself apart between wanting to do something for the professional growth or just to leave time for myself.

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