My sense of minimalism

Sep 11, 2016

Before I got acquainted with the word “minimalism”, I was looking for harmony and balance in life and in my interaction with the environment. For example, the search for equilibrium, which is almost equivalent to minimalism, can be found in the following areas:


  • Wear only what you like and emphasizes the figure, not forgetting the compatibility of things, as well as their proper location.


I don’t have a large wardrobe, but I have always been more pleasant when things are in place. After all, this is how the balance of the surrounding space is maintained, and a careful attitude to clothing is important for long-term wear.


  • Maintain “cleanliness” from excess, that is, without forcing the surface of cabinets and tables with souvenirs and other nonsense.


Half empty shelves have always been close to me, because it allows air to freely penetrate and wander around the room, not being afraid to hurt standing objects with its own dance, inadvertently.


  • Use gifts of nature.


It has been three months since I switched to a natural face cream made from coconut oil as a base and other aromatic oils for balance, and my skin does not worry about dryness. Plus moisturizing with water from the spray helps to protect it from peeling. And more recently, I constantly tried to find a recipe for how to reduce the number of scales on the face, especially the forehead and the side area, near the hairline, suffered from tightness. The hair itself also went through a phase of change – it became stronger and more brilliant when it began to use decoctions and squeezed nettle and other flowers, and dilute excessively pungent shampoo with water.


In every aspect, I tried to maintain harmony between what I can get from the world and the way I express myself and see the balance between my life and nature. It turned out that all these thoughts resonate with such a vision as minimalism. So, I can assume that I have been woven for a long time in this direction.


If you think further, minimalism can also be hidden in such trifles as an artistic approach and even in the correct prioritization of reading. I admit, so far I have not fully managed to shift the focus from the consumption of information to its production through personal analysis. Especially when it comes to personal subscriptions to sites and blogs. The desire to acquire new knowledge or acquaintance with another person’s experience is too entrancing to understand what you think in a similar way and the same thoughts are collected in your head. The only way to control yourself from unrestrained reading is to normalize – to devote a certain amount of time to view subscriptions, and to be honest with yourself that you will continue to do things according to the list of tasks, or describe your own understanding of what you read.


And, of course, minimalism is about the right choice. Opt out of some media in favor of your favorite blogs. After all, I don’t appear on linkedin, I almost never watch a news subscription, therefore, refusing newsletters, I simplify my life, because you don’t need to clean up extra content and not overfill the brain with excess information.


Regarding how to reduce information chaos, it is written in blogs, for example, here, so I will not discuss this topic. After all, everything is simple – you take and clean the excess. Moreover, freeing yourself from subscriptions and part of the sites, you get more freedom for other things, and there is no desire to score your time with useless reading.

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