Instruction on the packing of pictures

Feb 19, 2018

Hello Friends! I was asked how to package artwork in the best way. I collected my practical experience and wrote this instruction.

How to pack paintings, created on different materials, to keep them safe while transporting


For paintings drawn on paper
To avoid the emergence of corners or breakthroughs, put the picture between layers of thin cardboard, and then put it in a file. Send the picture in a special envelope containing a protective inner (bubble) layer. For details, see the article “Sending pictures made on paper abroad from Ukraine“.


For paintings on wood board
Put the picture in the file or wrap it with a film to protect it from moisture. Of course, wood board is solid, but if you want to protect painting you should put corrugated cardboard on top and bottom. You can send it in envelopes with a protective film.


For paintings on canvas that is rolled up
To save money and for greater security, paintings on canvas should be sent like roll. Take a cardboard tube and wind the picture on it with a drawing outside. Wrap in the film, then in the cardboard. Fasten all with scotch tape.
You can put this roll in the cardboard box or in tube. To do this, once again wrap a layer of cardboard with your folded picture. Cut two circles, place these covers on top and into the bottom of the tube, fasten all with a few layers of adhesive tape.


For paintings on canvas on a wooden frame

Cut out of the cardboard two rectangles according to the format of the picture, put the picture inside and fix everything with adhesive tape. Wrap in three or four layers of bubble wrap. Put the picture in the box, make sure that it does not hang out. If necessary, fill the space with foam rubber, paper or other filler.


The result

Regardless of what material you used to paint, remember the main rule – do not save on packing material. The safety of your work guarantees you peace of mind, and your customers – the joy of getting a picture in integrity.

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