How was 7 day series challenge 2017

Oct 21, 2017

I decided to participate on 7 day series challenge 2017 what was restarted by Tara Leaver. My last year was so inspiring, it changed my idea of how to work in an abstract style, how to use acrylic colors, how to draw what you do not see, but feel. Having such a brilliant result last year, I knew that something fascinating was waiting for me. And it happened.


On the first day I thought that my experiments would focus around the collage and abstract drawing. But already on the second day a clear picture of what I wanted was formed.


I know very well that sometimes you feel that you just want to lie down and do nothing, saying: “I have nothing to draw, I have no inspiration”. But if you allow yourself to think in this direction, your creative fire will be lost and you will need to work hard to get it back. That is why, I did not want to lose a moment and decided to draw real objects.


So the drawings of mugs, teapots, fruits and other things appeared on paper. After all, for creativity there is no limit, and you can make unusual quite everyday things, you just need to take a brush and make some effort.


At the core of each painting lay an abstract background. I wanted to draw familiar objects, but also to play with colors in an abstract style. So I decided to help these two desires to find my way out on paper.


“This challenge gave me understanding that I should not stop on one style and if my heart wants to draw abstractly but the mind says that you need to think about real life, you have to listen to both of them.”


The game of color spots, fuzziness in forms, but expressiveness – that’s how I can briefly describe what I got.


Now I continue to enjoy drawing in this style, because when you don’t feel the pressure of reality, you become liberated and allow yourself to do everything that comes to your mind.


You can see all drawings in large size in my instagram

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