How to start the mechanism of inspiration?

Sep 26, 2016

Have you noticed what enthusiasm gives you a new business? It is very significant: you are ready for almost whole days to engage only in the task that has enticed you, not noticing how time passes and feeling the constant need to go deeper and deeper into the material, especially if you need to do some other work in parallel.


Most strikingly, I cannot determine whether it is caused by inspiration or it is the “discoverer’s syndrome” that pushes you forward in the way of exploring unknown material. A similar action occurs when reading the book. You can’t stop until you get to the end. Or when drawing a series of works, when at first you cannot decide what to draw, and then, having sped up, you make several paintings or illustrations at once.


If you think about it, these are the tides of business called inspiration. But, having dug deeper, I realized how inspiration could be launched. In fact, at such moments in me, and in any person, wakes up because we, with our maturity and employment, drive us deep into ourselves – this is a child.


Children are characterized by such liveliness, incessant interest and glibness, curiosity. It turns out that those people who are wondering how to achieve inspiration should simply release their inner child outside:


  • Allow yourself to absorb information inappropriately;
  • Allow to create, go beyond;
  • Give yourself a big format more. If it concerns painting, then it’s good, for a start, to use those very rolls of wallpaper, tracing paper, drawing paper to give your hand freedom, and only then switch to a panel or paper of a certain format;
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes.


But, the main thing is to continuously move forward, try again and again until you succeed, and even when it does, continue to act.

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