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Jun 17, 2017

“Tell the Universe what you want and it will help you achieve this”


I can not imagine but three weeks have passed since #21daysinmyartworld challenge began. How I wrote earlier, it was directed to explore own creative path, as well as the expansion of personal boundaries. I have written the some lessons I learned while doing arts, but today I want to take a closer look at the past days.


I will refer to some notes related to the theme of creativity and the creative process:


  • “I began less rely on inspiration. I trust the process more: when you start painting, then you feel the excitement and there are original ideas. And it is ineffective – sitting and waiting when the inspiration will come”.
  • “Even for abstract work you initially need a stable foundation. When I draw the abstract landscapes, nebulas, computer theme works, I always have to get firstly a visual image. Abstraction is built from reality: you need to understand, what are your most important objects in the picture and how to connect them together. To rely only on the imagination, you need to have a large collection of images in your head, and this only works with time”.
  • “We do not often celebrate our small achievements or events, paying attention to more extensive holidays, such as a birthday. But it is more important to find joy in the small things”.


The most striking thing is that in the challenge I realized a large number of desires, which I wrote down, doing the “wishes list” :


  • “Pass a master class on painting online” – I count this challenge as a master class;
  • “Make a picture for a café” – although I have not sold any paintings yet, but I started Tea and Coffee Inspiration series, which may become an element of décor of cozy establishment;
  • “Make the cycle of abstract works on computer subject” – I have made 4 paintings, which may be used in the school of informatics;
  • “Flowers and tea – a series of still lifes” – I decided to add a flower bouquet to my tea time series, because it lets make the picture more fresh and beauty;
  • “Make a series of abstract bouquets” – I have already started a few works of these theme.


As you can see this two weeks was very productive for me.


The last day of the challenge, in my opinion, is the most significant, as it opens the door for fantasy and awareness of your Big Dream.


“So, in my creative path I wish about four things.


  • I want to show my artworks in the exhibition.
  • I dream about my paintings will be found their new home – it is the place where the art will be love and it will decorate the interior of the house and create a cozy atmosphere.
  • I want to develope gallery and online store for my painting.
  • I want to create a Big Art, use large canvas.


There are the Big Dreams.


And my usual desire is to find out new painting techniques, be inspired and make a lot of beautiful art, enjoy how my style can change and become more expressive.

I want to meet with the artists and inspirational person, share my experience and learn new things from them. I wish to make my life brighter with my art.


I understand that it is very important to understand what you want from life and how you see your creativity in the future. “Be open in your desires, and then the world of wonderful things will open to you.”


I am grateful to Tara for this wonderful challenge, in which I realized myself a little more and met with good people. But most importantly – I finally felt that I was not just a person who is engaged in drawing from an hour, but an artist.


And now I will go directly to the works gallery


I hope that I can continue to paint as productively as I did during the challenge. If you want to see what other artists have created, look under the tag # 21daysinmyartworld. I promise you will have an unforgettable sight!

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