How to achieve the growth of the audience of your page without marketing?

May 01, 2017

I have recently thought about how to promote my blog and instagram page. I thought that I needed to watch lectures of competent people discussing this theme, but everything turned out to be easier than I thought. And the answer was come to me unexpectedly. Don’t engage in marketing – just paint!


I’m honest, I do not understand anything about marketing. But I know that the ultimate goal of any creative business, when you are doing it seriously, is sell. Because even if you are great artist, your works will fade if a community do not see it and your art will not be accessible for everybody, who wants to join the beauty. For this, we need social media and people who interest the things that we are doing.


I care how many people read my blog and liked my works in instagram or another social media. That is why I started to think that maybe I need to take a course and to learn how I can attract a big audience. But after that, I immediately began to feel a small protest. I thought, are we, people, simply unable to support the authors whose works we like, sharing with others our treasures?


And the answer to my question, of how to get people to come to my page without using secrets of marketing, was formed itself – from that I love.


I like painting and enjoying how the paint are “playing” on canvas, how you can meditate and brush something out. I like how the picture get a new voice, when you are acting intuitively and add a new layer of paint. I like to share paintings and little observations, memories. Perhaps, my articles sound a bit officially but it don’t make me less sincere. I am not trying to be clever, but I am only telling about what I have understood in the process of creative and life search.


And it is a core of everything – your pictures are the best engine for your page and getting an audience, that loves your paintings. My aim, like an artist and researcher of life, is not stopping, but making something new constantly, improving myself and my painting skill.


That is why I don’t use marketing tools to collect a huge number of subscribers. Of course, it is important to find Your audience. But these people will come on the page naturally, when the quality of your works will be progress and when you will have something that you can offer them.


Your experience and your art is the most valuable thing you have. Because all that a person create listening his soul, wishing to express yourself and decorate the space around, will certainly find his viewer.


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