How my life has changed after reading Dr. Amen’s book

Jul 09, 2017

Continuing to talk about book (see my review), I am telling you which changes was realized in my life.
This book helped me to understand that I could choose the wrong products even unconsciously, because, if you eat sweets often, you want it more (sugar fixes in the brain such behavior as the norm). I set a goal to to reduce the consumption of sweet, because I wanted to see how I feel myself without it, and to gain control over their desires.


I did not plan to lose weight, as it is stable and suitable for my growth – 65 kg at 171 cm. In addition to body mass index, there is an important indicator that allows you to assess the presence of problems with overeating – you need to divide the waist size into your height. My dynamics is this: for 12 weeks (I started April 19) the waistline from 75 cm decreased to 68.5 cm. Besides, I dumped four centimeters for the first month. It’s amazing, is not it?


I can not say that it was a simple to leave production “sugars” (purchased cookies, sweets): first two-three weeks I had clear signals like a person with addiction. I was attracted to the kitchen, and sometimes I could think about the taste of the cake for a few minutes. Then it became easier. Such thoughts are caused by the peculiarity of the work of my brain.


From the book, I found out that I had a compulsive overeating, when you hang around thinking of a delicious cookie and it’s very hard to resist not to eat it.


If you don’t want to become a victim of obsessive desires, Dr. Amen advises to maintain the level of serotonin (a hormone of happiness). For this aim you can use a food supplements, eat healthy carbohydrates (legumes, whole grains) and be active.


Also you should think about a water balance. I started to put a bottle of water near my work space and understood how little I used to drink it earlier.


A pleasant side of the normalization of nutrition is that you will not be completely devoid of sweet, you just change the types of foods. I was able to fully appreciate the benefits of apples, because they became my frequent dessert dish; not sweet yogurt and nuts. And, of course, it’s worth mentioning chocolate. I looked at this product in a new way and was able to find a very delicious 56% dark chocolate, although I ate only the milk chocolate before.


I’m glad that I was able to switch to conscious consumption, thanks to the book. I think the task of every person is to try to stay strong and healthy for as long as possible. Because you performance depends on this factor and also your relationship with your body and the people around. If you are satisfied with yourself, it is easier to be on good terms with relatives.

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