How do not be sad if your idea is almost failed?

Apr 18, 2017

Even the actions that seem to us to fail, contribute to the final result.


For all creators is important not only enjoy the process and get a result but to feel a response from people. Today I will tell you how I decided to make a small drawing challenge for myself, how it almost did not work and what conclusions I made from this.This is my first article in English (don’t get angry if I have made mistakes).


How did an idea of challenge appear?


One people make art to satisfy the inner desire to express yourself. But even if you are “creative introvert” it will be pleasant to you to get a good review to their works. For other people, the process of painting is connected with the desire to present to society a ready product that they can buy.


My motives, why I am painting, cover both spheres. In first I was satisfied to share my paintings with other in social media. But now I often think about selling my art.


This thoughts took me idea to make a challenge where I am ready to paint any reference (photo) that I have got. I assumed that the week challenge would give me a more interested audience than just random viewers how visit my instagram page.


Was challenge successful?


Not completely. Only a few people wanted to participate on challenge and had sent me photos to making art. Why did it happen that users were not active? I thought most of people use instagram (like pinterest) to look at attractive photos. The second reason, on my opinion, that I have more advertising agents in followers than interested people who are subscribed to my page to watch my paintings. The third reason can be the general passivity of people who choose to be a spectator, rather than a creator.


I have made not only landscape paintings but also digital drawing. You can get acquainted with the final works here.


I also chose two references to test new material. There are wood panels which I was adviced in the facebook group (Creative Fire). It is useful for painting and also it costs cheaper than a canvas. I could make a good art with it and fully enjoyed the process.


What can I say to the end?


Despite of small participation of people who sent me the references, I cann’t say that a challenge was failed. Any of our actions are better than inaction. And also I found an amazing references, with which I am going to work, and I know that they will do my art collection is better.


That is why I wrote such epigraph. You should always make a step forward because often such small step opens a way to a big opportunity. So I create, and I’m ready to develop my art skill further and see where this will lead me.

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