How did I become an artist?

Sep 23, 2019

The answer to the question why I decided to become an artist will be short – I didn’t decide anything, it just happened. To better understand me, just imagine the pictures, you are walking through the woods, and then you see a mushroom. Will you take it? You weren’t going specifically for mushrooms or berries, but just went out to breathe the air, feel the energy of the forest. Then is a mushroom a gift from the forest? I would have thought so and certainly would have taken it with me. So, I have a similar situation with drawing.


In my childhood I thought that I would always do only pencil drawings, sometimes when I want relaxation. I didn’t even think about paints. But then I opened acrylic, I tried to participate in creative marathons, and everything started spinning. I saw that my level gradually became quite clear and the work turned out pretty. So I realized that I was already an artist. It’s funny, you cannot tell right away who you are, but when you start your journey, you feel the drive. And when it comes to rushing, then enthusiasm and own faith in your work always goes up. That’s why they say you want to do something, find your recognition, just start moving in that direction.


But an artist is not only the person who expresses his ideas, but he is looking for ways to realize imaginary things that other people share with him. I am talking about commission paintings. And on the one hand, it seems that you are limited by the scope of the work format. But at the same time, commissions inspires in search of a deep feeling. Last week I finished painting with a house using the palette knife technique. I will show it in the next post. And now I’m ready for new experiments. I’ll be waiting for your letters if you want me to draw a picture or some special subject from your photograph.

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