Fear of own idea or Competition with “popular”

Aug 22, 2018

Do you sometimes feel like you want to create a work on the same style, as there are known masters (pen, brush or something else)? Suppose,yes. More and more often I notice in myself that I’m appealing to copying other people’s ideas, those for drawing or blogging. What is the reason for this phenomenon?


It happens because you look at the popularity of works or authors, thinking: “How would I attract more readers?” But the opposite happens: you lose your originality, and people still do not come, because you can not compete with the already well-known authors.


Why do we keep silent our own skills and talents? How to get rid of the pressure for consciousness, that you can not be worse than others?


First, you need to stop comparing yourself and others. And then you should start acting and go your own way, forming a unique world and an audience consisting of people who are only interested in you. Then it will be sincere people who want to watch, read you.


You can study and admire other people’s works for a long time, but do not even dare to buy paint and start painting. If you are afraid to embody your own ideas, then remember how children behave. They make many attempts until finally they rise to their feet and go, not looking back at the word “I do not know how.”


It is necessary to make many attempts, until you find your soil, on which you will lay the first brick of your business, style, vision.


I suggest that you also have a break in social networks for the time being, in order to do what has long been planned.

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