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Jul 20, 2019

Good morning everyone! Today I want to share a story that appeared a couple of minutes ago, thanks to the marathon launched by @mariam.golovnia. This is really unusual, the words themselves add up to good lines, although the tasks are simple and everyone can get a portion of inspiration, regardless of whether he wrote earlier or not. Perhaps Mariam is a sorceress, but literally with a couple of phrases I manage to immerse myself in my imagination. And today I begin with the sentence: “In a small house, standing alone in the mountains, suddenly knocked”


In a small house, standing alone in the mountains, suddenly knocked. The door opened slightly and a soft voice said: “Would you mind if I come in?”. – Of course, I am always happy to see guests. The room was filled with a warm glow following the guest. What an unusual traveler, I thought. The young man was no longer a youth, but also far from full maturity. From him breathed warmth and good intentions. – Have you been walking for a long time? – I asked. – Yes, I travel, – the guy answered, decided to linger in your mountains, here a very beautiful view opens up to the valley. – It’s true, it’s quiet here and so wonderful in the evening, when the sun climbs over the horizon. You sit down to the table, it’s time for tea. Raspberry leaf, some strawberries, linden and chamomile. – Wonderful combination, – said the traveler with a slight smile. – Reveals the beauty of the evening.


We sat at the table, the conversation flowed lightly, like that pink shroud that filled the valley after the last rays of the sun. A nightingale sang outside the window. It smelled of flowering trees and tea. We talked until the morning, I did not even notice that a new day had already arrived.


– Well, I have to go, the guy said, morning is the time for productive ideas. What are you planning to do? – Probably I will continue to write my book. – Did you recognize me? – he asked. “Of course,” the writer replied. – Then write down our meeting so that other people who will read your story remember that the Sun is shining to everyone who is ready to let it into their home. “By all means,” I replied.


We said goodbye near the gate, the guy moved towards the valley, and I watched as the world around us was filled with sunlight. The dawn came, which followed every step of the evening guest, birds were waking up, somewhere in the distance a rooster crowed, waiting for a new wonderful day. The world greeted the Sun, which walked slowly, so that every person on Earth could soak up the last minutes in bed before the coming morning.

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Ксюша, очень проникновенно получилось! Как то даже слегка загадочно, в ожидании только доброго и хорошего! Пиши, у тебя так красиво получается !