Clearing the space, we prepare the ground for new ideas

Dec 26, 2018

I have to accomplish the feat of Hercules before New Year. I’m going to clean my computer and phone from images that I was collected for future paintings.



I understood a simple thing I need to have a limit of choosing references and start searching only when I will be ready to draw. Because a searching process is the workout for fantasy, and you are inspired with idea and see how you should realise it. But if you dont begin to draw at once, then it will be difficult to understand what was attractive in this image.



But besides cleaning devices, it is important to carry out internal cleaning. To neutralize feelings that you are missing something. Unused things seem to hint at your imperfection, but this is an illusion.



Because the world wont be destructed if you do not close your tasks before the new year. The first of January will be the usual day. So, let’s clean all things to open the door for fresh new ideas!

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