Challenge “Say No Procrastination!”

Sep 03, 2016

I, like many people, have one bad habit – to plan interesting activities, and then postpone them all. Our internal blocks arise more like the fear of failure, “the fear of a clean slate” or the usual laziness when you turn your attention to insignificant events, leaving for the future what you care about.


Perhaps those people who are accustomed to keep a task book and have a very busy schedule, less faced with a similar problem, but when more unoccupied time appears, some strange mechanism of ejaculation starts. Of course, we can say that the tasks written long ago, but still not completed, are not worth your attention … Maybe so. But I am talking about those matters that I really would like to complete, because they affect the creative component of life.



To cope with this unfavorable trend, I decided to arrange for myself the Challenge for the current month: “Say No Procrastination!”. We can always make every days creative and informative, but for this we need some effort and, preferably, a public promise. What good is the announcement of their plans to friends or followers of the blog group, explained Tara:


«And because of the fact that I’ve made it ‘public’ by sharing it on Instagram and Facebook, and hearing that people look forward to seeing them or feel inspired by them, it adds another layer to the desire to continue.

Knowing I can stop at any time is ironically what’s helping me to keep going. {The inner rebel in me just loves to be contrary, so why not use that to my advantage!}».


For those people whose internal censor is weaker than the power of speech and responsibility to other people, like mine, this way of combating procrastination will work very well.


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