Believe in your way

Apr 23, 2017

I called my picture this name after my art was failed. I was upset that my first painting on a canvas turned out unattractive, and I was unhappy with myself. But then I remembered one thing: we all make a mistakes and it seems to us that our life has become wrong. And it is cause why we begin doubt oneself, in our choice. We forgot that we can return the paints in our life if we will start with a new sheet. I regained my spirits and could to create a light and harmonious work.


Sometimes we are upset when the reality is more cruel than we imagined. And you think that you don’t want to be a person, who are ready to give up and go the way as another people.


But you should not refuse to be who you are. Because you are unique person, and the things have done by you, other people cann’t make. They will do the same, they will do it another way, but it won’t be as you can.


The spark of your soul is able to make beautiful the usual things.


All your choice make your life is unique. Remember, when a dark shroud covers everything around, you can splash white paint, erase bad things and start a new one.


Of course, that you will always remember a bad experience because a life is a series of failures and victories. Bu if you will continue go to your aim and reveal yourself, you finally find a new colors. Because black does not make your life worse – it only shades the bright part of you and make your sparks burn even brighter.

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