Act now to start changing your life

Jun 02, 2018

We are surrounded by the sea of information and it brought us to bad phenomenon – the desire to act lost. We becomes viewers, sighing that other people live a busy and bright life and find time to be a writers, chefs, artists. But when you catch yourself that you are viewer, you understand how deeply plunged into the world of contemplation, not action.


Social psychology says that the real action is preceded by an idea and readiness for action. If you fill the day by viewing social networks, you do not leave an opportunity to find an idea that born from dreams or reasonings about the goals of their lives, desired knowledge, skills.


Unfortunately “technological shabbat”, when for a while you limit interaction with a computer and the Internet, does not help to remember how to be content with one’s own person, like a child playing alone. Thoughts panically return you to the Internet. Although the child, being alone in the room, does not miss, as he creates imaginary worlds, heroes, with whom he can share the game.


A brief pause in their relations with the media will lead to disorientation, since it is time to think. Thoughts and fantasies do not want to be formed, because there is no soil for them. If you want your life does not flow through your fingers, you should transfer the scales from the consumed to the created.


It’s time to fix your attention on action, not learning. If you every day create something new, then you will be able to rejoice at the moments spent with your own thoughts, where you can find inspiration. And you become a creator, not a viewer of a third-party performance.

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