About blog

Blog Bringing the wind I created to share observations in the field of visual arts and self-improvement, made on the basis of personal experiments and obtained from the experience of other creative personalities.

About artist

My path as an artist is a love story. Love not only for the art that attracted me from my childhood, but also love for the surrounding nature, my close ones, love for freedom.

Love allowed me to know the new world when I went to another country at the call of my heart. The surrounding world with magnificent landscapes of boundless Ukrainian fields, variety of colors and lines became my teacher.

Thanks to the love and support of relatives and friends, the unity with nature and the growing sense of freedom, I could feel my voice – how to be an artist.

I like experiments with texture, creating a multitude of layers, although on another occasion I can prefer light and fast painting. That is why I work with acrylic and gouache paints because this materials combine the ability to be spontaneous, and also to form a texture.