About dreams and plans for the current year

Jan 27, 2018

The beginning of January was shocked – Tara resumed the # 21daysinmyartworld challenge, which is dedicated to all artists who want to look at the art world from a closer perspective that reveals the motives and desires.


The first day begins with this post in instagram.


But now I wanted to talk about the main topic – Big Dream


You know, when I reread the final post of the last challenge, I was amazed that a large percentage of wishes had come true.


I wanted to put into practice many new experiments with techniques and tools, and it turned out. If you look at progress for the year, the creative scope is amazing.


My world has become much wider, thanks to meeting new artists. I am especially grateful to one lady – Arleen, who not only beautifully draws, but also writes inspirational poems, supporting my creative impulses. Her home became the first refuge, internationally, for my work.


I wanted to start selling pictures, and literally a couple of months from the day, as I wrote about it, I was asked to create a commission painting.


The realization that you can achieve what you dream about, gives confidence in your actions. Therefore, I want to dream a little and share here my thoughts and plans for this year.


“My big Dream is find the world with myself. I want to let my inner censor on vacation, and only the creator and researcher remains. I wantI to stop looking back at my past work, thinking that everyone liked them, so I should continue to make something similar. I do not like to sit still, that’s why I will try to afford to become adventurous in my work”.


This year I want to devote to work on myself, to open the inner gates and to understand what I want to create. In addition, researching and analyzing the experience of work on the topic will allow me to keep creative notes that, I hope, will find a greater response from people.


I understand that the more your community, the more likely there are people who want to make an order. And although social networks are strongly egocentric, I know perfectly well that we like to read other people’s stories.This gives us ideas for changes in our own lives, amuses and creates a sense of belonging, like you’re a girlfriend who, sitting in the kitchen at tea, feelong emotions experienced by another person.


I also want to learn how to talk about my “art” – after all, any thing should tell a story, because we pay less attention to “just goods”, a beautiful, but without that catching moment that makes you turn around, as if you are meeting with the beautiful.


This is my vision for this year. The inner voice must grow stronger and gain confidence to accurately draw what inspiration and intuition demand from me, and not consciousness



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