A few words about the positive attitude. A new picture from the Tea and Coffee Inspiration series

Aug 06, 2017

It is so imporant to positively tune in to drawing. I could not paint a few day: all things what was created on paper did not like me. The way we think, shapes our reality – I read it in the book “The subconscious can do everything!” Kehoe John. And if so, I need to properly prepare for work.


To get a creatile impuls you need to feel the joy that will be in the final work, be saturated with this feeling, imagine how you smile at your picture.


I had to relax a bit, think about the good and convincingly to tell myself that “I’ll draw a bright, great picture,” and it went well. I created a new picture from Tea and Coffee Inspiration series, because it is special theme for me.



I suggest the best routine of our life is ritual of tea drinking. There is a delicios beverage that fill you energy and create good mood. Tea theme is one of my favorite. And for me it means the special time when you are not alone, even if there are not another people at home except you, because you feel the love of the peace, you have connect with yourself and it lets you be happy.


If you still don’t see another works from this cycle – I collect it together to enjoy again this charming sight!



















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