20 Gift ideas for the artist

Jan 08, 2018

Having worked before the holidays in the art shop and watching the excitement around the theme of the gift for the artist child, I decided to reflect on what to give to a creative person.


20 Gift ideas for the artist


  • Accessories for drawing (any shapes and purposes)
  • Certificate in the art store (if you do not know which materials a person prefers)
  • Collection of paintings by great artists (to create beauty, you need to learn from the best)
  • Teaching aids: books with the technique of drawing a particular artist or a biographical edition
  • Magazines and sheets with interesting coloring, old postcards, letters – everything that can be used for drawing in mixed media technique
  • Diaries and sketchbooks (for notes of ideas and sketches)
  • Stamps, paint brushes, scrapers, palette knives and other elements with which you can create a texture
  • Canvas (on a cut or on a wooden frame, board any sizes)
  • Candles and aroma lamps (to create a good mood)
  • Collection of pleasant music (relax the brain and run a fantasy)
  • Tea, coffee, cocoa (any warming drinks that help relaxation)
  • Cream for hands (the hands should be well moistened after frequent washing of brushes and palette)
  • A set of disposable gloves (many artists prefer to protect the skin from such sticky materials as oil and acrylic)
  • Interesting little things that can be like talismans (pebbles of unusual shapes and colors, crystals, amulets)
  • Cork board or magnetic (for creating mundbordov, storing sketches and ideas for drawings)
    Ticket for an exhibition or museum
  • Invitation to travel to nature or to visit interesting places (for charging inspiration)
  • Films about creative professions and about nature
  • A ticket for a workshop or a master class (for improving skills, getting to know “fellow workers”, discovering new drawing techniques)
  • Invitation to the pool or a trial subscription to the gym (drawing is mostly a static action and you need to exercise to stay without feeling a pain in the back or neck)


Tell us about what other gifts you offered to buy for the artist?

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