1day1artist challenge. Day second

Sep 12, 2017

I am researching the style of different artist while challenge #1day1artist is continued. How was my first day, read here.

Pam Carter, whose works is excited me for a long time, dedicated her creative life to the sceneries of Scotland. It’s amazing how she creates the atmosphere of the “paradise island”, although the country is not distinguished by a warm climate. However, you can not forget the combination of turquoise skies and sandy beaches or fields filled with greens, wheat and meadow grasses. Also I like the colors are used by her, and they are repeated in my works often.

The expressive manner of Pam Carter, built around skillful work with light, as well as playing contrasts.
At the same time, I definitely identified my weakness while trying to repeat her style. It’s my desire to include many colors in the picture, while you need to leave a more monochrome background and build a composition around the base colors.Bright spots should be added to the places where the viewer’s eye or the foreground.

Recreate her style was more difficult, then I have expected. If you can copy the finished work quickly, but you have to break your head and think about what colors to impose, when creating your landscape. So, I got a normal result only from the second time.

I realized that: “Less is better”, and it is worth using a smoother background, on which you can add the structural objects for foreground. And it will create variety and character to the picture.

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