1day1artist challenge. Day first

Sep 07, 2017

I feel that it’s time to explore new topics and techniques of painting. Therefore I decided that I should use my collection of favorite artist, which I selected in Pinterest, for learning. I launch a challenge #1day1artist to understand how other artists create their works and to try their techniques. This allows me to find out what is right for me.


I propose to join all of you. Although I can not guide anyone in his research, but I know that the personal analysis is a necessary condition for creative growth.


The first artist with whom I started working – Sabre Esler. She is a Georgian artist who conveys in her works the joy of life, speed and fleetingness. Her expressive strokes, brightness, balanced by the air atmosphere, gives a picture of lightness and shows harmony in the chaos of colors.





For a long time I wanted to achieve the effect of a multicolor “film”, with color overflows and dynamics.
At first I tried to copy this work to understand how Sabre works with paint.




After that I went on to paint my landscape. Here are my results




What conclusions I made in the process of work:


  • The artist works with a thin layer of paint (although many layers), it allows her to use the paint extremely sparingly, which I could not do earlier. You can achieve improvisation, allowing the paints mix together, as they want, the main thing – to keep the surface moist.
  • I appreciated the power of a dry brush. If you do not wash the brush, but completely smear all the paint, then the next layer will be softer, with a smoothed edge, and you can add the brightness by re-applying the paint after drying.
  • You should drawing very fast to make a picture multilayering, because the paint on the brush is not much and it instantly dries up. It is necessary to spray the surface with water, due to which the work with acrylic becomes similar to drawing with watercolor.
  • This technique requires more “assiduity”, as it is necessary to let the layers dry up in order to keep the color clean. It turns out that you must be both impulsive and fast, but sometimes restrained at certain moments.


Here you can view the drawings in more detail




I liked to paint in a new way, especially I wanted to try out the technique on canvas. You make a drawing in a short period of time, which keeps the feeling of changeability and rapidity of being, while you can achieve cheerfulness and depth.

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